Central Piedmont Community College- Levine Campus

The Levine Campus offers business and international programs as well as general education/core classes. Our full-service campus also provides college preparatory, high school equivalency, and college transfer classes, as well as Corporate and Continuing Education classes. The facility includes two art rooms, two biology and three chemistry flex labs, two Student Technology Centers, two dance/aerobics rooms, a fitness/weight room, a Transfer Resource Center, and an Academic Learning Center, which includes tutoring, a Language Lab, and Placement and Course Testing Services. Our programs provide entry level to advanced educational options and you to earn degrees, diplomas, certificates, or professional certifications.

TGI/CPCC Partnership

TGI tuition will include dual-enrollment of TGI students at CPCC to earn college or continuing education credit for three classes: Music Theory for Singers, Public Speaking and College Readiness.

This dual-enrollment status offers TGI students access to CPCC's many facilities and resources, and help student acclimate to college-campus life.

CPCC Student Experience

Central Piedmont offers over 70 officially-sanctioned student organizations, a variety of opportunities to help support your interest in discovering and enhancing your own leadership skills, and recreational and fitness opportunities to promote a safe and fun atmosphere for you to participate in intramural sports, recreational events, and fitness activities.

Additionally, the Service-Learning Center serves as a liaison between instructors, students, and placement site coordinators for a wide variety of service opportunities.


Classes for the confrere will take place in the Georgia Tucker Fine Arts Hall, a two-story black box multipurpose performing arts theater with 146 retractable seats. The flex space provides a venue for artists, educators of all types to perform, rehearse, audition and teach. All other training, such as the one-on-one work with university mentors, will be taught in the adjacent dance studio and virtually.

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